Outdoor Gear

Bring the AVEO vibe to every place

Iride™ Fade Navy

Strong and powerful

IRIDE™ Marble Purple

Iride sunglasses redefine the look of traditional high performance sports eyewear.

Made in Italy

All our frames are handcrafted in Italy. With careful attention to their perfection, precision and complexity.

Our Material

AVEO™ TR90 is among the most recent innovations in the field of optical materials.

Is the first Am PA based on >50% biobased material.

A product that looks like a real union between nylon and carbon fiber.

We have obtained lightweight glasses that do not tire the ears, do not leave any marks on the nose and are extremely resistant to the stresses that life in the open air and sports activities produce.

> lightness
> impact resistance
> durability

Our amorphous thermoplastics, due to its composition, combine the excellent properties of semi-crystalline polyamide 12 grades with those of an amorphous thermoplastic in a unique way.

Our Lenses

V3DO ™ lenses control the color spectrum to enhance contrast and color definition for clearer vision in running and cycling environments.

Through the choice of the highest quality raw materials and thanks to innovative production processes, V3DO ™ lenses are born, an example of purity, optical quality and durability.

Our lenses represent all the essence of AVEO.

> Increased contrast
> Vibrance of colors

*V3DO ™ lens technology is present in all variations of our lenses and available for each of our models.